Foxtrot's Kingmaker

Session 1: Bandits of the Greenbelt
Burning Crap & Kicking Clerics

Our heroes received their charter of exploration from the Aldori Swordlords of Restov and traveled southward into the River Kingdoms, meeting up at the first milestone of their adventure – a rest stop on the edge of civilization known as Oleg’s Outpost. Upon arriving they were given mixed greetings by the owners and residents of the outpost, Svetlana and Oleg, an old married couple who abandoned the hustle and bustle of the cities decades ago in exchange for a quiet peaceful life in the south. Oleg and Svetlana mistook Ayden, Zetta and Ramsey for additional security that was promised by the swordlords due to the recent increase in bandit activity. Learning otherwise, Oleg went on a curse-laden rampage, leaving Svetlana to apologize to their visitors and explain the mix up.

Over the last few months, Oleg and his outpost have been the victims of extortion from a group of bandits operating out of the Greenbelt. Now, the couple barely have any stock left, and their funds are swiftly dwindling into nothing. They even taking Svetlana’s wedding ring during their first oppressive visit. After some discussion, the group decided to aid Oleg and Svetlana in driving the bandits off from the outpost for good, and relighting the feelings of security inside them. They spent the afternoon contemplating a plan to catch the bandits off guard as they entered the outpost, Zetta even going so far as suggesting they fill a barrel with waste from the middens, mix it with lantern oil, light it on fire and dump it on the bandits as they ride through the front gate. After Ayden and Ramsey pointed out that this plan, while hilariously awesome, was ultimately more harmful than it was sensible or practical. Finally settling on a plan, the group decided to lighten the looming tension of the following morning by spending the early hours of the evening drinking, gambling for friendly funds, and enjoying Svetlana’s home cooked dinner.

Come the morning, the heroes took their positions and awaited the arrival of the bandits. Ramsey stood on the battlements of the outpost and kept watch on the horizon, after Oleg found him a nice sized box to compensate his height. After a couple hours of waiting, a group of horse riders approached the outpost and began shouting threats to help speed up the opening of the gates. Oleg opened the doors, and as soon as he had sight of the bandits, Ayden took a shot at them with his slingshot, hitting the supposed leader’s horse square on the head.

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